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[Pre Order] iGG Logo Series T-shirts + State Membership
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Welcome To iGG Sports Arena, where visions become reality! At iGG Sports Arena, Malaysian are free to experience the fun of live social gaming across the country or even the world. Today’s cloud-connected era, cybercafe is now living in your personnel computer. Our iGG Membership, delivers a professional eSports experience to professional gamers like you. With our modern APP design, expert-level customer service, iGG Esport Membership creates an open environment for gamers of all ages and abilities, with live score comparisons, gamers can now measure and compete their score locally or internationally with gamers around the globe! 

The iGG Membership is designed to encourage the local eSports community at all age group – from youth to high school, to college, and beyond. Whether you choose to play, practice, and socialize with friends or compete at the highest level, iGG Sports Arena is the premier destination for gamers.

Our E-Sports Jersey, Designed to look and feels great!

Our Swinging T-shirts Design

iGG Sport Arena t-shirt piece is meant to be an individual addition to your own personal style, and it is our Gaming Spirits that ultimately give you the confidence when you wear it. Game like everyone is chanting your name!

Simple Yet Captivating

iGG logo design is striking from the first look, yet it blends in with the gamers out there. With our multiple color options, you can choose the one you like and wear it to show off your skills and talent during your gaming session.

Comfort Is Our Priority

iGG E-sport wear emphasis comfort. During the gaming session you will feel comfortable with the clothes you wear and avoid discomfort from keeping you unfocused towards your e-sports session. Made from comfortable material ensures its light enough for you to forget during your matches.

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