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Imperion GC-203 Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

MYR 39.00


Gamer Backlit Keyboard

  • PPS Plastic, Laser carving characters can be 104 and 105keys
  • Size:43.5CM*12.8CM*3.5CM • With FN+ Multi function • 3.0MM*1.35M cable
  • Support many layout, 5million press life • Support Windows 95/98/NT/ME/2000XP
  • Weight:480G • 5-står waterproof design


  • 3D luminous mouse
  • Standard DPI: 1000 • Mouse size: 66*38*125mm
  • Wire rod: Wire drawing line • Lighting mode: color lighting
  • Material: ABS

MOUSE MAT FEATURES: • Size: 215x175x3mm

• Natural rubber non-slip bottom surface • Special coated surface of fabric Edge design